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Home Video Collection

Home Video Collection

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We transfer your videos to DVD and can even collect them from your home or work.

Why bother with the complication of sending us your video cassettes for video to DVD conversion? All you have to do is pack them securely in a box or Jiffy bag and we will collect them from you. Our door to door collection service is ideal for disabled, elderly or simply busy people.

We will send our courier to collect your videos from your work place, home, local shop, neighbour or any address on the UK mainland. There is a surcharge for Scottish Highlands, Isle of Wight, Northern Ireland and all non mainland addresses.

Of course you could always drop them off in person to our video transfer studios in central Bristol, use a courier firm or your local Post Office. If you do use the post office ensure that you send them by recorded delivery or registered post for peace of mind.

If you do specify a date for us to collect your videos please give us at least 24 business hours notice. Eg If you are ordering today and it is the 24th then request collection for the 25th at the earliest. Don't forget that we can't collect on weekends or holidays.

Want a specific date that we can collect ? (Must be a weekday)

Film Collection Info

1. Nationwide - collection from ALL UK 'mainland' addresses from Scotland to Lands End and N. Ireland. IoW costs extra.

2. Time - Sadly we can't specify an exact time so it could be anytime between 9 and 5pm. It's worked out by the driver himself on the day of his rounds as he works out the best route for that day.

3. Estimate - If you want an estimate then you can call direct 0117 938 1133 but ONLY call on the ACTUAL collection day. Quote your postcode and name.

4. Change your pick up address - we don't need to pick up from you, you could gives us an address where someone is always in eg. a friend, parents, neighbour or even your work place.

5. Have to go out? Leave a note for the driver - you could leave a note on the door eg 'box in portch' or 'box near the bin' or 'box at no. 23 next door' don't give him too far to walk !

6. Missed Collection - if he misses you he will leave a card. The card may say he will come back tomorrow or it may give you a number to ring to re-arrange a time. The first 3 attempts are free.

7. Packing ideas - Old shoe box with scrunched up newspaper for padding. Large Jiffy Bags rolled over a few times. Some Supermarkets give away old boxes.

8. Seal Package - the driver will simply stick a Barcoded Tracking Label on the box - he won't do any more packaging so make sure it is wrapped well.

9. Film Viewer - if you have hired one and we are collecting then please put it back in the same box and pack your films in ANOTHER BOX

Client Review - Video Collection

"Very prompt and efficient, they collected my video's from my sisters right on time.... totally happy with DVD's it was lovely to see all them faces again - young and slim!"
Maggie Smith - Wakefield

"Just to say a big thanks, you can imagine how worried I was about sneaking my dads old videos and then panicking if they were lost.... He loved the DVD's and it made his 40th Birthday very special.
Aaron Scott - Portsmouth

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Video Collection How it works

Video Collection How it works

Arranging your Home Video Collection is easy.

1. We collect your videos from the address you give us on your video to DVD conversion order

2. We will call you to arrange a convenient date to collect your videos unless you have specified a date on your order.

3. The courier arrives on the agreed date between 9am and 5pm to collect your videos. The courier will only collect Monday to Friday and will not collect on bank or public holidays. Remember you don't have to stay in all day as we can collect your videos from the local shop, a neighbour or your work place.

4. The price quoted is for packages of any size as long as they do not exceed 11kg, approximately 24lbs, which is a large amount of videos. If the package exceeds this weight you may incur extra charges.

If you have to go out whilst waiting for the collection of your videos you can leave the package with the local shop or neighbour, some people leave a note on the door eg "it round the back of the bin". Please note that the new collection must be within sight of the original place of collection and remember to put a note on the door. In the highly unlikely event that the courier does not arrive, or you miss him, give us a call and we will re-arrange collection for the next day.

Packing your Video Movies

The way to box up your videos

Video cassettes are quite robust so there are no special requirements for the way to pack your videos, just a touch of common sense. In the last ten years received 2 damaged videos cassettes which we repaired quite simply before the video to DVD transfer.

1. Each video should be wrapped in bubble wrap


2. If you have no bubble wrap then use newspaper or used jiffy bag
a. Place a couple of layers of lightly screwed up newspaper on the bottom and sides of the box
b. Place your videos on top
c. Completely fill the box with more newspaper
d. Seal the box


3. Pack the videos into oversized jiffy bags and place them in a box

4. Print of your order and place it on the top of the contents of the box

5. Write the address below and your order number on the top of the box

Video to DVD
Portland Film studios
21 Portland Square

6. Hand it to the courier when he arrives.

You can use any box as long as it made of corrugated cardboard. Your local Tesco usually has free cardboard boxes.

Tel: 0845 257 1510 Video to DVD Portland Gate Studios 21 Portland Square Bristol BS2 8SJ Bookmark and Share

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"I have used your firm for over 17 years now ..."
D. Essex - London

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"found you on a forum and you lived up to expectation"
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