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Storage of your Video Tapes FREE !

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Free Tape Storage

Free Tape Storage

After we have finished your Video to DVD transfer Why not let us store your now redundant video tapes in our safe and secure vault for free.

Ordering is Simple: Just select Free Storage at the checkout.

Why should we store your old Videos ?

Think about the following:

1. What will you do with your old video cassettes?

2. Where do you plan on storing your video tapes?

3. Will you ever use your video tapes again?

4. Do you even have a video player to view a video cassette?

5. Will your videos be safe from mould and erasure from magnetic sources eg TV ?

DVDs will last for over 250 years let us store your video tapes for FREE!

Are there any hidden costs - why Free ?

What's the catch?

There are no catches! Storing your video tapes with us is completely free. If in the future you decide you want them back just give us a call and we will only charge you for the shipping. The maximum delivery cost for mainland UK is £15. Of course you can always come and collect them from our Bristol Studios for free.

We offer this service as it saves us time and money. Your video tapes cost quite a lot in packing material, packing time and delivery costs to return. Sending just your DVDs makes a smaller and lighter package.

Our storage facility was originally designed for video tapes. Then came along the CD, VCD and DVD which use less than 10% of the space, giving us 90% more space. With the new advances in technology both CDs and DVDs are stored electronically as AVI and MPEG clips which have saved us even more space.

Client Review - Video Storage

"Thanks for the video's received today, I don't know why he wanted them back he hasn't even got a camcorder anymore"
Brenda Sefton - Stockport

"As promised, this is to confirm that I have stored my videos with them for 2 years and when asked last week to return them, they did immediately."
Ranj Patel - Sunderland

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Video Storage FAQ's

Video Storage FAQ's

• How long will my videos be stored?

Your video films will be stored for the amount of time that you request on your order. You will then have time to make up your mind as to whether you want them back of you want us to dispose of them. 98% of our clients decide not to have their videos returned to them and as such we have the right to destroy the video cassettes after the time specified on the order, unless you have written confirmation from us that we will not destroy them. We rarely destroy video cassettes unless we need the room and even then we destroy the ones that we have had for the longest first. This service is designed to protect your videos whilst you have time to evaluate the transfer we have performed. In the highly unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with our transfer service and would like your video to DVD conversion done again, either by ourselves or a different transfer company, just call us and we will return your original video cassettes immediately.

• What are the advantages of you storing my video cassettes?

Your video cassettes are safer with us. They will not be lost, damaged, consumed by fire or deteriorate. Even if our premises were to burn down our Film Storage Vault is completely fire proof! It also saves you money as the delivery cost is significantly reduced and we do not have to pack the videos into boxes. Our video vault is only 25% full since we recently converted a large video library to DVD and destroyed the original video cassettes. This space that has been freed up is currently being wasted and may as well go to good use. We have estimated that it would take over 26 years to fill our video storage vault.

• What if you close Video-to-DVD or go bankrupt?

Our family business has been in operation since 1989. We have plans for our operation that span the next 35 years and have no reason to end our transfer operations. Even if we did go bankrupt the video archive is bonded in our companies Articles of Association and with solicitors. Any official receivers are bound not only by duty but by law to contact the owners of any material in our archive and give them three months to collect anything that is stored with us.

• How will my Video Cassettes be stored?

The requirements for the storage of video and film archives are very stringent. Video footage is recorded onto the tape inside the cassette which is magnetic. If the video cassette comes into close proximity with magnets such as speakers or a TV then they will be slowly erased. The storage conditions of any type of film and video must be strictly controlled. This is because of their volatile nature. We are constantly monitoring the climate, light, humidity and temperature levels in our vaults to ensure a perfect environment for the storage of film and videos. Currently we store thousands of videos for large companies, TV Companies and Video Production Houses as well as old cine films for many private cinemas and organisations. Our software system allows us to catalogue your videos with pinpoint accuracy. After all the details of the client and the video are entered into the software the video is given a unique code and a shelf space. This means we can get your video within minutes! This makes re-ordering or returning your videos to you extremely simple and stress free.

• Video Storage Small Print

We do not have any rights to charge you for this service. If reasonable circumstances arise we reserve the right to refuse storage and make your videos available for delivery or collection whilst giving three months notice to the most current address that we have on file.

SIMPLE, SAFE, SECURE, STORAGE – just call us if you want your videos returned.

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"I have used your firm for over 17 years now ..."
D. Essex - London

"great quality ... thanks for the quick service"
DV Derby - Birmingham

"found you on a forum and you lived up to expectation"
M. Kingston - Scotland

"great seeing the house we all grew up in and mum and dad again"
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