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We can Print anything on your DVD copies

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Printing on your DVDs eg 'Smith Family Record'

Printing on your DVDs eg 'Smith Family Record'

Price: 15.00


Printed DVD Discs: The price of £15 is the fee to have up to 50 DVDs to be printed with your design.

So whether you have 1 DVD or 50 DVDs printed the price is a flat £15

You only need to put 1 as the quantity

We will print anything you want on your DVD's. You can have a photo with text over the top, or just a plain background with text. Some examples of text are below.

“The Wright Family Holiday, Egypt 1997”
“Kimberley and Johns Wedding 2007”
“Cambridge University Archives, Psychology Department Research 1997”
“Electronics of the 1980's - A film from Wakefield School 6th Form”

You really can have anything you want, anywhere you want it including full pictures, logos, text in any font, size or colour.

All you have to do is email us the design or sketch it out on paper.

Please do not mistake our printing with low volume, cheap and poor quality printing.

1. We never use inkjet printers. inkjet printing smudges and after a few weeks start to flake off.

2. We never use labels. Labels look unprofessional and peel up. They will also damage your players as the heat from the internal electronics melts the adhesive.

We use thermal printing which is printed directly onto your discs surface. Your DVD, CD or VCD will look just like the albums or movies that you purchase in the shops.

If you are still unsure request a free sample of our printed DVD discs.

Ordering Printed DVDs is Easy

Ordering Printed DVDs is Easy

For just text simply type the text you want into a document and print it off or email it to us or just hand write it on a piece of paper.

1. Collect: You collect all the pictures, logos, sketches and text etc.

2. Pack: Put them all in a jiffy bag or envelope and insert it into the package with your videos. It is preferable to have all of the pictures in electronic format and either burnt to disc or emailed to us. All pictures must be JPEG format.

If you only have the pictures as printed photographs we will have to scan them in for you. The cost will be higher for this; for example if we are designing one disc and your background is a photograph then you add two of this product to your basket, one for the design and the other for scanning the photograph. If you are having three photographs as the background then the quantity will be four, one for the design and three for scanning the three photographs.

3. Design: All you have to do is take either a CD or DVD and draw around it, and the hole in the middle. Now all that is left is to use your imagination. Remember to include how you want all of the pictures, logos and text laid out on the disc, or let our designers do this for you.

DVD disc design tips:

1. Most discs carry the DVD or CD logo. You do not have to worry about sourcing these as we have them in stock. Just put on your sketch where you want the logo.

2. Do not use solid background colour. It is far superior quality if you have a photograph or picture as the background. Or you can use a solid white or silver background.

The price stated is for each CD or DVD that we design. If you have three discs then put the quantity as three.

The extra turnaround for this service is 3 days. We will print anything that you want on your DVD discs.

Client Review for DVD Printing

"The DVD's looked fab, thanks so much for all the effort you went to"
Harry Lamb - Nottingham

"Looked very professional ... loved the way you captured the picture of mum, she was shocked when she saw the DVD.
Janet Bride - Belfast

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