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Gift Certificates for Transfer

Gift Certificates for Transfer

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We offer Video Transfer to DVD, AVI or even Video to Video

This is ideal if you are buying for someone and you have no idea what video they have or which video to DVD transfer service they require. This way you let them decide what to purchase. Gift Certificates are perfect for everyone and every occasion.

How does it work?

1. You decide how much money you want to give them.

2. Enter the amount of money in the quantity field. So if you want to give them £100 then put the quantity as 100. The minimum is £30

3. We send you a gift certificate for the amount you requested.

4. We can either post it to you or directly to the recipient. All you have to do is enter their name and address in the delivery details section of the checkout.

5. When they decide to place the video tape to DVD transfer order with us, all they have to do is tell us the certificate number as payment. If the transfer costs more than the face value of the certificate they can pay the extra. Usually if the extra is less than £5 or 25% of the order then we do not request extra payment.

DVD Video Transfer Client Review

"Thank you for arranging all this ... my dad recieved the Certificate exactly one day before his Birthday he was amazed how I did it all the way from USA, wink, wink."
Diane Derby - Doncaster

This particular client ordered in January from the USA and wanted the Video Transfer to DVD Certificate posted on a certain day.

"I am well impressed with your video tape to DVD service it was most generous of you allowing me to have the Film Enhancements for no extra charge ... hopefully next Birthday they'll get me another gift certifcate so I can get the rest of the videos converted"
Roy Mansfield - Leicester

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The Small Print ?

1. Gift certificates and all unused portions must be redeemed within 1 year of the issue date.

2. Gift Certificates must be used to purchase any of our video tape to DVD services listed on our website.

3. Gift certificates can not be redeemed for more gift certificates.

4. Gift certificates hold no cash value and can not be returned for a refund.

5. Any unused portion of the certificate shall be credited to the recipients account and must be used within 1 year of the gift certificates issue date.

6. If the total of the order placed by the recipient exceeds the gift certificates face value the balance must be paid

7. The gift certificate has a cash value of 1 pence

8. Gift certificates and video tape to DVD transfer paid for with a certificate are subject to our Terms and Conditions of use.

9. We reserve the right to close any account and request that payment is made if we suspect the gift certificate has been fraudulently obtained.

Get a Video Gift Certificate today.

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Customer Review:

"I have used your firm for over 17 years now ..."
D. Essex - London

"great quality ... thanks for the quick service"
DV Derby - Birmingham

"found you on a forum and you lived up to expectation"
M. Kingston - Scotland

"great seeing the house we all grew up in and mum and dad again"
P. Wright - Manchester