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TV Screen Titles  eg Our Wedding

TV Screen Titles eg Our Wedding

Price: 62.00


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Video Title Examples

Video Title Examples

ON SALE! We have reduced our price from £95. At present we have some excess capacity due to our expansion.

We can break each of your DVDs into sections, up to 24 sections per DVD. At the start of each section we can add a title. Most of our customers have a title at the start of the

DVD and then one at the start of each video they are having transferred, such as "The Zoo" or "The Picnic" or "The Museum"

Some just have one at the start of the DVD movie, for example

“The Wakefield Family 1985 to 1997”
“To Nana love Jack and Amy
“London Film and Video Society Presents”

And a title at the end such as

“Merry Christmas Nana”
“Filmed by Richard Derby”
“The End”

Be adventurous and make your DVD a Cinema Blockbuster.

How to order Video Titles !

1. Select the style of titles you want and add them to basket

2. When you are packing your video tapes, simply write the text down onto a piece of paper and put it in the same box.

Choose one The Three Styles of Titles

1. White text on a black background. This is nice and clear and costs £62

2. Ye Olde style. This is exactly as the plain but the text is prepared in an old fashioned font. In the corners we will put a curly graphic resembling the titles from an old Charlie Chaplin movie. This costs £62 + £10

3. Custom Design. This costs a bit more. You can have something from a jpeg picture as a background with words overlaid or we can design something to your exact specification.

Why not call us to discuss your requirements or sketch it onto a bit of paper. Most of the time we can fit it within £62 + £15

The costs quoted only covers you for 24 TV titles. If you require more than 24 titles then simply add 2 as the quantity, this will cover you for 48 titles and so forth. The price is per DVD therefore do the same if you have more than 2 hours of video basically increase the quantity by one for every two hours.

Client Review of Title TV Service

"Sorry it took so long to write and thank you. You did a grand job, it looked so professional ... there were in fits of laughter at the reception (Wedding)"
Alan Parker - North Lanarkshire

"Thanks for doing the DVD corrections free of charge ... I wasn't being a stickler it's just that it was for a client. I will definately be sending more videos to you"
Sharron Stone - Plymouth

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